Annual Security Audit

price based on a per instance basis

One-time comprehensive cyber security audit reviewing internal controls and processes and identifying issues and providing recommendations. 

The Brandon Global team is highly consultative and works with you as a partner to provide understanding and actionable recommendations.  The audit consists of the following steps that occur over a four-week period.

1.Scope and schedule of audit

2.Onsite Internal Network Security Assessment

3.External Penetration Testing 

4.Cyber Security & Technology Awareness Training

5. Review of Audit Findings and Recommendations Provided in a Comprehensive Report

Annual Cyber Security Audit Overview

A comprehensive review the organization’s entire operating environment to address current IT Infrastructure setup, weaknesses and areas where improvement can or should be made.

The Audit focuses on:  

• Security

• Best practice

• Backup

• Resiliency of critical IT services

• Risk management

External Penetration Testing

1. Planning and Preparation

2. Information Gathering and Analysis

3. Vulnerability Detection

4. Penetration Attempt

5. Analysis and Reporting

6. Corrective Action

Onsite Assessment includes:

1. Physical and Network Security

2. Critical Infrastructure Review

3. Configuration Review

4. Connectivity Review

5. Backup Review

6. Email Service Review

7. Desktop and Endpoint Review

8. User & Active Directory Review

9. User Share Review

10. Mobile and Laptop Security Review


For more information:

Brandon Global is an independent auditor that identifies issues and provides best practice across your company’s IT infrastructure to ensure compliance with regulatory and data protection requirements.