Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing is recommended to be completed at least yearly or after significant infrastructure change.

Brandon Global Network Penetration Testing includes social engineering and phishing exercises as part of the test process. As the threat landscape evolves so should the components of penetration testing to ensure currency and relevance.

Following the test process, Brandon Global will sit down with you, go through the findings and explain the results and implications. We will also make recommendations in an easy to consume and non technical manner.

The outcomes for your company will be:

  • List of discovered threats and risks with their direct and indirect impact on organisation business processes, ordered by priority and potential impact.

  • Risk Remediation Work Plan and Recommendations

  • Ongoing Advisory

The components of a Brandon Global Penetration Test are:

  1. Planning and Preparation

  2. Information Gathering and Analysis

  3. Security Review

  4. Vulnerability Detection

  5. Penetration Attempts

  6. Analysis and Reporting

  7. Corrective Action Recommendations

  8. Handover

Penetration Testing is a point in time exercise and needs to be combined with other pro-active security measures the organisation. These may include:

  • Network Security Recommended Practices Review

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  • Disaster Recovery Scoping and Testing