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Brandon Global has extensive experience and expertise in cyber security audits, assessments and ongoing monitoring that provides certified compliance, protection and preparedness that your company needs.

Our mission is to truly become your trusted IT advisor, allowing you to focus on your core value to customers while having peace of mind that your technology won't let you down. Brandon Global's RSM (Review - Secure - Manage) approach to IT is a best-practice, 3-step process that;

  1. reviews your current IT setup to see where improvements can be made.

  2. develops a roadmap to ensure a secure and highly available IT environment.

  3. provides an experienced team of cyber security engineers that will proactively manage your technology. 


Annual Audit Security

This is the first stage and covers the initial assessments of your current IT setup. IT includes an Internal IT Security Assessment and Network Penetration Testing.


Managed IT Security

We have refined our IT security service to focus on our customer’s needs. The service is comprised of our experienced people, best-practice processes and the latest technology.


Ongoing Compliance Review

Once we understand how your IT is configured, we present a GAP Analysis and work with you to implement IT Polices that will ensure it is secured, giving you piece of mind. 


Network Penetration Testing

Our Network Penetration Testing includes social engineering and phishing exercises and is recommended to be completed at least yearly or after significant infrastructure change


365Vigilance Monitoring

Our proactive technical security teams, will implement security controls in line with best-practice processes and the latest technology.


Cyber Security Training

We offer onsite and online cyber security & information technology awareness training to increase participant’s awareness of IT for day to day business use.


About Brandon Global

Cyber Risk and Compliance Experts

Brandon Global has 20 years experience servicing hedge funds, community banks and over 100 credit unions.

We deliver a level of quality service and expertise to small to medium-sized businesses that is typically reserved for enterprise companies.

With deep experience working with IT teams on audits, Brandon Global can address issues and ensure protection and compliance are met.



In today’s increasingly connected world, managing cyber risk is a challenge for nearly every business – from the smallest to the largest.

But as a small to medium- sized business owner, it’s hard to know where cyber security should fit on your list of priorities, so it often winds up near the bottom – until you have a breach.



Brandon has helped us to address many of the issues that the Central bank has recently raised in the IT Assessment Framework. The reports have given us clarity about the issues and confidence to take the necessary steps to resolve the issues identified. 

- Selina Gilleece, Manager of ASTI Credit Union

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